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A common usual term in Filipino/tagalog language that literally means "Possible".

Now, an incredibly flirtatious, yet addictive, meme that spread like wildfire locally in Manila, and pop-culture centered places. Usually placed and put in a position, wherein a topic is false and untrue, but if it was true, the situation would make it even better and it'd be a great feat to it.

Can, and at one point has, been used in other countries, too. Just make 'em sure that you got it from UrbanDictionary. Hehehe.
Eyyo, brotha'. AC3 has a modernized, techie theme to it, with guns and rockets, right? 8'D
.....Hmmm... Pwede~ x3
Dudestfu. Check it out on Urban Dictionary. C;
by JackyNgauff July 14, 2010

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