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An environment/hell, in which the term 'work-life balance' is used to convince bright, young professionals to accept jobs. Once on the other side, it becomes apprent very fast that it doesn't exist, but the majority of employees stay, because the partners continue to say they are "working" to improve 'work-life balance'. One question: How long before they figure it out? Answer: NEVER. They will continue to use it as a topic of positive discussion for the future (always in the future).
We work 80 hour weeks, but it is okay cause they feed us free alcohol on a consistent basis.
by Anonymous March 31, 2005
People Working Constantly
People Working Constantly, something people do upon joining this illustrious company called PricewaterhouseCoopers a.k.a. PwC.
A company that recruits out the a$$ from college campuses and has a stigma that they are the best out of the "Big Four", some of the most superficial and boastful of the accounting firms. Their numerous internship recruits typically have high G.P.A's yet little to no common sense, and brag before they even start their internship how great they have it. They usually come to their senses after their first year and those that stay past their second haven't worked anywhere else before and don't realize what the words "humane", "happiness", or "fulfilling" are. They typically sacrifice these values for perceived high recognition from the name or "a great salary". They usually have the perception that if you don't have an internship whether by choice or by chance, that you will be a failure all your life. If you DO have an internship yet with a company that's not on their "top-notch radar" then you are subpar. If you have an internship at another Big Four accounting firm, then they continually as why you didn't pick PwC. If you are another intern with PwC, then you are competition and they will not speak with you. Funny, that these individuals are so elitist yet everyone works there. THEY ARE FILLING A QUOTA PEOPLE! YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL!
"Why is Josh such a douche?"
"Oh that's because he found out he's working at PwC."
"No wonder."
by Rolling14reader January 26, 2009
PWC = Posting While Compromised
Clearly that post on Facebook was done when he was angry; another case of PWC.

I see another PWC mistake in the works. Hide her cell phone because she's had too many drinks!

Step away from that keyboard or you'll have to deal with the backlash of PWC tomorrow.
by Love Linguist April 04, 2011
PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is the largest Big 4 audit firm. PwC's employees pride themselves on the fact they were chosen by "the best", despite the fact they were merely selected because they were a minority, a woman, or from the same fraternity as the interviewing partner. Offers are given to candidates who can talk about irrelevant topics like sports and the latest reality TV show during an interview, yet partners complain about the high turnover of their staff. If you want to work in a soulless hyper political organization that prides itself in its mediocre talent, you should consider PwC.
"I work at PwC, therefore I am awesome and more intelligent than any of you lowly morons"

"Actually PwC hired you so they could make it on Diversity Weekly's Best Places to Work list."
by Afderpistan November 12, 2011
Pasty White Cunt

Is a person, who is white as shit, claims they are black
acts black, just generally gay.

can be used as a come back
English Boy: Im mainstream, I'm nigga dude
Other Boy: Shut up you PWC

Boy: that dude is such a PWC

by tightass360 October 23, 2012
people with cocks. an alternate name for the male species. if you are sick of calling the guy in your life a dick, when you are mad at him.. use pwc instead.
I'm done with pwc's!!
by DFuckITP. January 10, 2011
The term "P.W.C." (P-"Dub"-C) or simply (P-Dub) stands for "Proceed With Caution", and is spoken when smoking a pipe, to warn others that everything in the pipe is almost burnt, and you may inhale some ash.
"Ay dogg, P.W.C. (P-"Dub"-C) (P-Dub) on that bowl, its about cashed"
by RubbaDub9202 March 27, 2010
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