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1. The Essence of fighting in Player versus Player Combat (PvP) in games such as World of Warcraft.

2. Polyvinylcockbite (A cost effective material used for degradation of another's ego.)

3. The measure of one's Player versus Player skill.

4. An epic struggle between man and his manhood. (Player versus Penis)

1. "I am bored of farming mats in Hearthglen, anyone up for PvPness?"

2. "I can't believe Bob used his PvPness on Charlie... poor Charlie's pride will be in the hospital for weeks!"

3. "Dave's PvPness is so much smaller than Mike's!" "Yea... Mike's PvPness is HUGE!!!"

4. "Should I go in to work today... or spend the next 5 hours jacking off to National Geographic Magazine..."
by John Diss September 26, 2006
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