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A phrase used to convey "going all out" or "laying it all on the line"; leaving nothing behind, trying one's hardest
Shit dude, with 2 weeks left in the fantasy league you're going to have to Put Your Dick on the Table
by shit_tits4 November 12, 2010
Similar to putting your foot down, "Putting your your dick on the table" is a phrase used when someone just exerts their dominance over everyone else in the room, and wants their way, no longer taking any "bullshit" from anyone else.
We were all wondering which movie to go to, until Robbie Put his dick on the table and bought us all tickets to see 22 jumpstreet.

"Man all these people keep cutting me in line"
"Dude you should just put your dick on the table and punch the dude who tries.
by The ultimate name caller September 02, 2014
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