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When your fisting your girlfriend and suddenly a muffin falls out of her vagina. warning: do not eat!!
man: "hey babe this awsome Pussymuffin just fell out of your vagina"
women: "oh dear, thats the second time today.."
by EPiC Karr0t January 05, 2011
When a girl mixes up muffin batter, and funnels it in with her pussy in the air. She then proceeds to take a hair dryer and hold it on her vag until the muffin is firm, yet still moist.
Dan: My, Lyndsey, those were some fantastic pussy muffins you made this morning.

Nick: I agree, and the cylindrical shape makes them easy to carry for an on-the-go treat.
by nv1990 June 07, 2009
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