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1) Someone who reverts from their normal behavior to being a pussy or a wimp or just annoying for a certain ammount of time.

2) To appear to have unlimited access to sex by different girls in one night or other period of time.
Def 1)
a. Jason- Josh has been a real punk today, he just stood there and took that beating in the back of the building.

Me- I know, someone gave him an all day pusspass.

b. Benny- After Joe dropped out of college he's been a total sackeater.

Me- Yeah, Its not gonna get any better. He got issued a lifetime pusspass.

Def 2)

Tim- Holy shit! The girls in the bar jumped all over those Navy SEALs as soon as they walked in!

John- Yeah dude, when your a SEAL i guess you get a lifetime pusspass upon graduation from training.
by Rocco Fringuello March 24, 2007
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