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Cunning insult ceated by combining 'Pussy'ole' and 'Faggit'.

Deriving from the more commonly used term 'Fagpuss'.
Kush: Why do i smell so bad?
Kaash: cos you're a fagpuss PUSSFAG double pumplex junior
by ak-21 July 18, 2010
n.- 1)cuntass bitch faggotass titti fugly slut faggotass faggot 2)a faggotdy gallowfaggot 3)anything related to G.F.G.

adj.- pussfaggotdy
-damn! that pussfag just got gallowfaggotized
-hey bitch, i fina kick yo ass you pussfag motha fucka
by The Gallowfaggotizers December 10, 2004