Top Definition
Function: noun

1. A man who acts like a bitch even has a period.

Their demean is epicene.
Robby sure acts like a "Puss Boy"
Yeah he ought to wear a dress.
by StH April 24, 2005
A whiner. A crier. A sissy. Someone who is afraid of everything.
Derrick is such a puss boy. He never stops whining.
by BJ December 16, 2003
An individual possessing lesser physical qualities, overtly feminine or diminished physical prowess.
Oh look, pussyboy was finally left off his leash

Nice pass pussboy.
by homgkpongphooey November 27, 2009
puss boy, aka BJ, lobs to eat puet and tah eh.
eeeeew thats PUET like PUET
by awesome April 04, 2005

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