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The small, faint imprints left on ones skin after touching an object for a long time. (eg: siting or leaning against something)

Note: Pushies are temporary and will usually disappear within a few minutes.
Person A: "Ugh, I was sitting on that chair for a while and now I have pushies on my leg."

Person B: "Don't worry man those'll go away soon."
by TheCeleryEater August 30, 2013
4 2
someone who is forceful & impatient
You don't have to be so pushy I'll do it later.
by Gerard Irick December 29, 2011
53 8
pussy as pronounced by sean connery in james bond
hello pushy
by michael sherwood January 06, 2004
103 78
A mild sexual act in which an erect penis is pressed into a person's back.
"We didn't have condoms so I gave her a sweet pushy, and some smooches, too."

"I gave her a pushy while she was ordering drinks at the bar."
by rionnoir March 21, 2013
13 10
A bicycle, bike, shortened version of the term "push bike"
I'm gunna ride my pushy down sevs
by Lukaslav July 08, 2006
30 48