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A term for a cat in the Philippines. Oftentimes named as miming or muning. They are by far the cutest creature ever made in this planet coz they look like miniature tigers/leopards/etc...

Scientific name: Felis silvestris catus (domestic cat, the ones that catches the nasty vermins in your house, also known scientifically as felis domestica.
1. Wow may pusa! And cuuuute! ^_^
2. Swiiiwisshhhwiwishhhwiisshhh... miming... swisshhhwiwishhhwiisshhh... halika dito miming...
3. *MEOW?*
by OPA November 19, 2007
Acronym for the band Presidents of The United States of America. Known for their songs "Peaches" and "Lump".
Dude i went to that pusa concert last night... it ROCKED!!!

Have you heard that song peaches by pusa???
by DC! August 07, 2008
Guatemalan slang/insult term for pussy as in vagina. Akin as panuch or chocha in mexican spanish
Quiero chupar pusa! : I wanna lick pussy
by plastic.device November 08, 2009
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