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Pur-Rung-Giss with the emphasis on the second syllable.

Purungus is used to describe a large dog that is overly playful or rambunctious. This therm usually refers to a Pit Bull with a large head. Can be used as Purungus Head or Purungus Chest. Also, Purungafied.
Easily excited, Off-The-Walls, Nuts, Bull-In-A-China-Shop, Hyperactive, Zany
"My dog is such a Purungus! He jumps all over me when I come in the door. He tears up the house everytime I walk out the door. He stand taller than me on his hind legs and eats more than a hoarse. He runs thru the house and leaves huge paw prints everywhere. When ever he get riled up, he barks so loud the windows shake. That dog is totally Purungafied!"
by JGSR July 21, 2006
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