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Purplegrass (noun): "Purplegrass" is a style of music incorporating elements of reggae, blues, country-rap-tunes (vis a vis Pimp C), funk, bluegrass, hyphy, dancehall, rock, punk, High Life, latin, and dubstep. Originating in Colorado, USA, the term was coined in 2004 by DJ Delphi in order to describe his music because people kept refusing to call it rap, reggae, funk, or dubstep. Like hyphy, purplegrass is a more than just music; it is a movement. Central to the movement is high grade cannabis, because it perfectly represents the vibes of both the music and the mind-state one enters when listening to it. The name also reflects the truly American origin of the music, because much like Bluegrass, it was born in the United States of America out of a combination between long-standing musical tradition, a celebration of culture, and integrating technological, musical, and social innovations of our new era. Furthermore, like bluegrass, it is also based on the integration of music from many cultures, much like the social climate of the USA, itself.
When people kept refusing to accept his music as reggae, dub, rap, or funk, DJ Delphi began calling it purplegrass because it integrated ideas from each type of music blended within it.
by don John Fidel June 06, 2012

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