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an endearing term for a homosexual person. from the phrase meaning someone of pure magic blood from the Harry Potter books...
omg, hes such a pure blood!
no, hes just really in touch with his feminine side...
by Taylor899 June 09, 2007
a term within the harry potter series used to denote wizards with a pure lineage; that is to say wizards with no muggle ancestors.
Slytherin house is full of purebloods.
by copykat June 29, 2006
Someone who is 100% of a certain nationality. Someone could be a Greek pureblood, Bulgarian pureblood, Russian pureblood, Mexican pureblood, etc.
Sofia: Yeah me and the rest of my family are Greek purebloods.
Nina: No way! Im a Bulgarian pureblood!
Vlad: Im a Russian pureblood!
Steve: Well this is awkward....im not a pureblood
by gryffindorseeker16 December 03, 2011
The name given to the notorious John Johnson of the Johns. Creator of the infamous and ego damaging game known only as 'prove your piabs'.
"Shit, it's the Pureblood and his boys! We must flee!"
by J-Me May 28, 2004
Very famous and trusted middle man from rs2mm and TTG.
Hey did you know Pureblood mmed 2 santas and over 300 mil?
by Jut the Butt February 28, 2007
an edge kid who has never participated in substance abuse or sexual immorality.
well respected in the edge community.
Donald: Ronald, have you ever used drugs or screwed a bunch of sluts?
Ronald: Why no Donald, im a pure blood.
by xslutsmasherx April 23, 2008