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Puppums refers to a now angel puppy, who once grazed this Earth as a domesticated Labrador Retriever named Nellie. Nellie, who was the great great great great great great granddaughter of Easy Bones, became known as Puppums after growing fluffy ears, a waggedy tail and cute, little puppy paws.

Henceforth, all animals of the same adorable cachet, fluffy-esque dignity, and cockamamie snuggle stature, are referred to as "puppums."

I encourage all to incorporate a Puppums in your life.
Guy A: "Ok, look! Look at this picture on my BlackBerry of a Red Panda sleeping on this bamboo branch!"
Gal B: "Ohhhh! Well, hi Puppums!"
Guy A: "Hello Puppums!"

Gal C: "Spencer is my Puppums!"
by Gertrude, IV April 13, 2009
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