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There is a new wave of hipster, who is down with Operation Ivy but also is down to throw on his favorite basket ball player's jersey (Ironically, Chicago red bulls Micheal Jordan).
They maybe skating (or road biking) to school in khaki's with over sized gauges and cut off "tap out" sleeveless shirt.

Introducing: The Punky Broster (punk bro hipster) coming to your nearest indie coffee shop or shady bridge soon. or you can find him on the resurgence of myspace..
Is he a bro?not sure, he has a Dead Kennedy's shirt. is he punk rock? cant be, he likes sublime..hipster? possibly, that ironic mustache gets me every time.

hes gotta be a Punky Broster,with the spunk of a angry little girl (punky brewster)
by poopersteen ej May 30, 2012
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