A girl between the ages 10-15 who listens to bands like Good Charlotte, Green Day, and Linkin Park, assuming that it's real music, and thinking that Hot Topic is the store for underground culture. Completely contradictory in the fact that anyone who listens to real punk or lives the lifestyle would be completely against having a label for it.
I sodomized a punk rock chick with her Taking Back Sunday albums.
by hitlers favorite nipple biter October 11, 2005
Top Definition
A girl who's into Punk Rock, and generally likes to have a good time.
1-'Wow, that girl is hot..'
2-'Be Careful man, she's a punk rock chick'
by Roxy_life June 22, 2005
super hot 12-17 year old girl. shows up to concerts in masses. their super hot faces, makeup, cool clothes, hair and style are enough to drive any die-hard yngwie malmsteen clone to play 3 chord green day songs and like it.
punk rock chicks are the reason half these bands exist.
by NormalGuyYouSholdKnow November 11, 2007
A few words to describe the most awsome chick in the world. She listens to good music and loves the Strokes.
Damn Selene your my Little Punk Rock Chick.
by Brady Shannon September 21, 2004
A person who usually listens to heavy metal, i.e slipknot and linkin park etc.
Usually wear all black clothes, never skirts or any other colour-Hates other colours-pink,blue,green. Play guitar and head bang non stop.
They usually have peircings, in places such as there eybrows and lips and tongues.
A person wearniga black trousers, black tee shirt black hoodie, spiked necklace, spiked bracelet, spikes poking out of there eybrows, black hair, or brown with black streaks.
by Joss March 29, 2005

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