Variation in giving the middle finger/flipping the bird, by bringing your middle finger down and the rest of your fingers remain extended. This hand gesture is used when someone doesn't deserve just one finger (fuck you); they need to get fucked "once in the pink, twice as much in the stink."
When driving in traffic, and someone is being a total dick on the road, instead of flipping them off, give'em the punisher
by mako300 April 28, 2006
two in the cooter one in the tooter. also see the shocker. the act of inserting index and middle fingers into the vagina and the pinky finger into the anus or bunghole.
He gave her a hella good punisher last night.
by Mark November 14, 2003
The punisher is the act of inserting two fingers into a girls pussy and one into her ass, a.k.a 'two in the pink one in the stick', 'two in the goo one in the poo' and 'two in the city one in the shitty'.
I gave my girl the punisher last night, and she loved it!
by Allan93 February 20, 2009
Slang word for Microsoft Publisher. Graphic Designers use it because Publisher files can be unusually hard to work with. It allows people who have no design skills to create something that will make more work for the designer to get it to print.
That customer set their business up in Punisher, and it has to go to press.
by DesignerMike June 21, 2005
The punisher is a derivation of the shocker. You stick the pointer and middle finger in the vagina and the pinky in the anus. Then you alternate to the other hand. You do this rapidly and repeatedly.
She had seen the shocker, but when I gave her the punisher it was a whole new world.
by Sinan January 08, 2004
When you make a fist, insert it into a girls twat, and punish her as hard as you can. "No" always means "go harder" and "stop" always means "i like this." You're in charge, make us proud!
"Two fingers werent enough for her so i gave her the punisher."
by Mister Hat April 12, 2007
Male masturbatory technique where you reaptedly punch yourself in the testicles with ure off hand
Dont ever try the punisher unlees you want to cum blood
by Tothmacher May 19, 2006

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