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1. Where someone uses the word "your" when they are meant to use the word "you're", and you can't help but think in your head, "I REALLY WANT TO FUCKING PUNCH U RIGHT IN THE MOUTH".

2. Where someone use's punctuation in the wrong place. e.g. OMG!?! Yesterday. I was walkin. down teh. street. !!!

Blended words: Punctuation and Punch

Facebook status: Omg I luv all me m8s! U girls are amazing and YOUR so nice to me!! Lets meat up at teh weekend yea, oh yeah tara you left YOU'RE skirt at me house last tym u came round so if u culd cum pick it up that wuld be gr8!

Paul's comment: PUNCHUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jayjayg7 January 10, 2012
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