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the act of being able to create clever puns; coming up with a better pun than the person before you
"i just showered"
"oh now you're clean....and out of rehab!"
"oh, that was punalicious"
by chubby bunny CH August 12, 2008
When a good pun or word-joke is made it is credited with the title or compliment pun-alicious.

Puns usually rely on a synonym or a homophone.

The word is a combination between "pun" and "delicious".

Most words on UrbanDictionary are pun-alicious.
Person I: Hey! You allright?
Person II: No, halve left!
Person I: Pun-alicious!
by brandon-4 December 31, 2009
A punnani which is delicious.
Man that pussy last night was pun-alicious.
by boundlesslife April 15, 2010
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