the British way to say fart
Your pooter just made a nasty pumpy!
by jake b May 27, 2002
Top Definition
A rather gigantic young man with humongous pectoral muscles made quasi-famous on a popular blog about douchebags and the hot chicks that for some reason gravitate towards their metrosexual preening and faketannedness.
He was known for his look of sheer blankness and his propensity to firmly grasp the mammary glands of his women in public whilst having their picture taken, before his untimely death.
I know Pumpy, and you sir are no Pumpy!

by captain abag November 10, 2008
Used to describe any rock climbing maneuver that is extremely strenuous on the upperbody.

Synonyms: tiring, taxing, exhausting
1. "Damn! That overhang was pumpy. My grip is spent."
by Dolly Dalton September 07, 2013
Two cute people in love, who call each other 'pumpy'.

I love you pumpy
by FionaK_NYC March 05, 2009
Adj. The feeling of having "the pump" during or after a workout. The feeling you get when blood is rushing into the muscles. Made popular in 2011 at the Friskis & Svettis gym in Newbridge.
I feel pumpy!

My biceps are pumpy!

My pecs feel pumpy!

Are you pumpy?

Feelin' pumpy?!
by PumpyPecs August 15, 2011
adj. Something that gets you in a hyped mood. This could be an action or some sort of event. Usually, it is a song of some sort that you listen to loudly in the car as you speed. This sort of song is the kind that you would expect out of pop-punk/post-hardcore bands like A Day to Remember.
Guy 1: Hey man, you know that song "Right Where You Want Me to Be" by A Day to Remember?

Guy 2: Hell yes i know it! When i drive down the road i speed because it gets me all hyped up!

Guy 1: Yeah bro. That song is so pumpy

Random guy 3 who was eavesdropping on the conversation: A DAY TO REMEMBER KICKS ASS!!!
by jox trap December 16, 2009
Puppies wearing pumps
I totally saw some pumpies yesterday! They were so cute and hot!
by bobpower7 February 03, 2010
Pumpy is a patriotic gas pump that hates gas prices. Pumpy believes that Americans are born free and should always be free. When gas prices start to infringe on our right to the pursuit of happiness, even gas pumps need to speak out. A 300% increase over 72 months simply means that we’re getting screwed.
I saw Pumpy at the Notre Dame football game partying with tailgaters.
by beachpet October 01, 2008
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