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When one remembers every detail, even those excruciatingly minor which take place in a conversation only to bring them up later. ESPECIALLY when attempting to find a conflict or wish-washiness (often used when no conflict or wish-washiness is actually present).
Boy: That girl is cute.
Girl: You told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world!
Boy: You are, I just said she was cute. But you are beautiful.
Girl: I'm sorry, I was pulling an Ashley.
Boy: It's okay Ashley, its not your fault. Blame your parents for naming you Ashley.
by jfivethekid March 17, 2010
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Skipping school to hangout with a parent or guardian.
Student 1-Where is Brianna today?

Student 2- I text her a few minutes ago, she's Pulling an Ashley.
by sotoizlegit December 05, 2011

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