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The act of not being able to get over an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and obsessing on letting everyone know how bad they were in your relationship.
Dude#1-"Hey, what's wrong Chris?"
Dude #2-" Oh man bro.....I broke up with Jess and she telling everyone how much of a dick I was. She's pulling a Taylor Swift on me!!"
Dude#1-"Oh that sucks to be you dawg!"
by nvv March 15, 2013
The act of innocently standing in shock with puppy-dog eyes when someone does something bad to you in front of a lot of people. This is to make everyone feel bad for you and take your side.
When that girl started yelling at me, I figured that pulling a taylor swift would be better than yelling at her so everyone would feel bad for me and take my side.
by broski10233 June 10, 2010