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When you hang out with people so you can get smoked out, then randomly ditch them using a lame excuse like "my parents want me home now."
guy 1: Hey man I gotta go feed my dog now, I'll catch you later.

guy 2: Man your lying, now that you smoked your just leaving, your "Pulling a St John" bro.
by C4LV4R3$1 January 08, 2011
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Commiting an act of random stupidity and then proceeding to deny it, disregarding all evidence.
Pulling a St. John.

guy 1: dude we're going the wrong way.
guy 2: No we're not.
guy 1: dude that took like 2 hours longer than usual
guy 2: no no, I deliberatly drove that way, I wanted to see the coast road.
by Fionn Keane April 17, 2008

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