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Inspired by the television show Friends, "pulling a monica" refers to any and all screwups by an individual.
"Pulling a monica"

Monica: Okay, uh, please don't freak out, um, but, uh, there's a blue fingernail in... in one of the quiche cups. And there's no way to know which one.

Phoebe: And whoever finds it wins the prize.

Monica: You bet that I'd screw up? All that stuff about hiring me because I was good was...

Mrs. Geller: No no no, that was all true. This was just in case you pulled a Monica.

Monica: You promised Dr. Weinberg you'd never use that phrase.
by NotAtUVAThankGod May 27, 2007
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sleeping through not only one midterm, but TWO.
Tom: Hey, did you hear about that guy who was up editing some film all night? He slept through his midterm! Then, the next day, he slept through his OTHER midterm!

Brad: Wow, that guy is really pulling a monica.
by mknawabi April 28, 2011

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