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Inspired by the television show Friends, "pulling a monica" refers to any and all screwups by an individual.
"Pulling a monica"

Monica: Okay, uh, please don't freak out, um, but, uh, there's a blue fingernail in... in one of the quiche cups. And there's no way to know which one.

Phoebe: And whoever finds it wins the prize.

Monica: You bet that I'd screw up? All that stuff about hiring me because I was good was...

Mrs. Geller: No no no, that was all true. This was just in case you pulled a Monica.

Monica: You promised Dr. Weinberg you'd never use that phrase.
by NotAtUVAThankGod May 27, 2007
Otherwise known as "where fun goes to die", UVA is a major university full of the most arrogant assholes that you will ever meet. UVA students are also somewhat confused about certain college aspects. For instance, NORMAL people do not wear sundresses/pearls/ties to any sort of event other than a funeral, graduation, a party at the country club, or a ride on daddy's yacht. This ESPECIALLY means sporting events, i.e. football games. Secondly, UVA students do not seem to understand that a student who is in their first year of college is a Freshman, NOT a first-year. You are not in England, so don't act like it. In addition, UVA students seem to think that thier founder, Thomas Jefferson, is the greatest person ever born. The students can't seem to understand the fact that no one cares about this except for them.

As far as sports are concerned, UVA has teams that are good at what they do. They are. Yes, some years they are better and worse than "other" teams, but the fact is, most of the time all of their sports teams are formidable opponents.

The fact is, the students that do not go to UVA do so because they don't want to be surrounded by the assholes that embody UVA.
Guy: Hey, where are you going to college?
Rich bitch 1: Oh, my daddy is going to pay for me to go to UVA. I just got this Mercedes for my birthday and can't wait to drive it there.
Rich bitch 2: It's great, we never have to work while we are there. I take only 12 credits a semester and can stay for as long as I want since I have all the time in the world.
Guy: Yeah...well unlike you too, I actually have to try.

Guy: UVA sucks!
UVA student: No it certainly does not! Thomas Jefferson founded this school. Do you even know who that is? Well, I'll tell you anyway...
Guy: hold on, hold on.....I..don't .......care.
UVA student: Oh, want a Zima?
by NotAtUVAThankGod March 20, 2007

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