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Wearing a shirt or top that shows your bra especially when paired with short-shorts. This look is often complemented by dancing like a stripper.
girl1: wowww.... that girl over there is totally Pulling a Miley Cyrus
girl2: I KNOW! her hot pink bra is completely sticking out of the front of her shirt

guy1: duuude look at that chick! shes Pulling a Miley Cyrus, she must be such a slut.
guy2: she looks like such a whore! i bet she'll let me get in her pants!
guy1: DUUUDDDEEEE! *high five*
by fashonissstaaa May 14, 2010
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A phrase used to describe someone who is rocking out to a song that is clearly in the genre of pop. This was most recently seen on American Idol when she spent half the song singing with hair in her eyes and showing the camera her tonsils. If you catch any of your friends pullling a miley cyrus hit them and call them a "STD infected Nick Jonas stalking whore with a bad lisp." If they continue seek immediate medical attention.
Friend- Dude stop pulling a miley cyrus we're listening to Halo. Your such an STD infested Nick Jonas stalking whore with a bad lisp.

Just watch her performance on the latest American Idol in super slow-mo for the best example.
by spf20 April 15, 2009
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