When a new-hire wins the company raffle for any prize (preferably a new tablet or ipad).
My wife totally pulled a Marcus the other day. At the end of her interview for the job, she agreed to work for the company and signed up for the raffle for the new kindle and WON IT!

Marc totally pulled a Marcus at the company summer picnic when he won the Ipad this summer. (pulling a marcus)
by hypo November 18, 2011
Top Definition
always acting clumsy as fuck and typically breaking shit; typically a person who misplaces everything also
he was pulling a marcus last night by tripping over the hookah hose and thus causing the hot coal to fall on the ground and burn a hole in the rug.
by thor0708 September 26, 2011
When you're too poor too do anything, so you try to come up with an excuse to make yourself not look poor.
Rudy: Bro you wanna go to the mall today?

Grant: Nah man I can't..

Rudy: Why dude it'll be fun!

Grant: I'm saving up to go on this big trip with my dad..

Rudy: Dude.. You're really pulling a marcus right now.
by JapaneseBurrito June 19, 2010

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