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To vanish into thin air at a time of unpleasant responsibilities or awkward moments.
"He left when we just needed to clean up after the party. He really was pulling a Louis again."
by The_Experienced_Boards November 12, 2011
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Pulling a Louis is doing something completely useless that no one cares about just because why not right?
When he diable the alarms in warframe, he was Pulling a Louis
by ghikft March 15, 2015
The act of taking something very simple, such as an expression or anecdote, and then breaking it down, and/or proving it false due to a science that no one cares about.
-"Hey. Did you hear that?"
-"How don't you hear that?"
"I can't hear into the past-"
-"Actually, due to the speed sound travels at you only hear the past."
"No man, I hear things when I hear things--"
-"No you don't."
"Dude, you're totally Pulling a Louis!"
by Socialized Healthcare July 21, 2009

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