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Giving a group of people false hope, then taking a rediculously gratuitous amount of time to ultimately shatter the said group's hopes and dreams, and doing so in a selfish context.
Teacher: Hitler killed millions of people in an event known as the Holocaust.

Student: Teacher, is that as bad as Pulling a Lebron?

Teacher: Almost, Johnny. Almost.
by Jamarcus Farrelli July 10, 2010
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Instilling hope in the enemies that you join by betraying your hometown by announcing it in an hour long program, parade and concert,

then failing miserably in every 4th quarter of your career.
Did you see Dirk pull a Lebron in the finals first quarter ? He almost cost Dallas the Championship!

He was totally Pulling a LeBron, but Jason came through and they beat LeFraud!
by TheMissesHelp June 12, 2011
taking the easy way out, joining your enemies instead of fighting them.
You'll never see MJ pulling a lebron, he played versus Larry and Magic, not with them.
by PPaco July 19, 2010

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