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v., tr. "Pulled, Pull·ing, Pulls a Freddie"

1 to post random inflammatory comments by trolling in order to distract a group from their actual cause and create a flamewar that feeds the "Freddie's" ego, but unintentionally shames the troll due to their use of non-researched images or quotes that backfire on the troll
ex. Oh, bitch, pleeze! Let's ignore this dude - he's just "Pulling a Freddie", anyway. Look at his profile pic -it's ridiculous.

ex. Why you "Pulling a Freddie?" Do you even read? That's not from Leviticus.

ex. You don't care about Illegal Immigrants - you're just "Pulling a Freddie."

flaming trolling baiting luring flamewar
by littlewren October 17, 2010
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