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To show up to an important event or job ridiculously unprepared and with little respect to those more deeply involved with the event or job, despite recieving a large compensation for your services. Doing this act may compound to other problems related to the event or place of employment.

Based on the film shoot of "Apocalypse Now," when actor Marlon Brando showed up on set overweight, without having learned his lines, and without having read the source material, despite being a pivotal character in the film.
Also inspired by "Superman: The Movie," when Brando demanded a large sum of money for his small part of Jor-El, which took only a week of shooting.
"Did you hear Sean Connery asked for 3 million dollars for Highlander 2?!?!?!?"
"He's just pulling a brando..."
by DMInfinityRyan July 16, 2009
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