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Sitting with a girl for more than 4 hours attempting to seduce her only to find she has a boyfriend.
'Oh man, I thought this girl was really into me but it turns out i was just pulling a Ben'
by Big Chief,Tony,Bosh,Ali,G January 13, 2013
To hide the true identity of your same sex partner, by giving them a name of the opposite sex as a cover up, which sounds similar or begins with the same letter.
To be pulling a Ben, is to use another name for your partner. Example; to use Ben instead of Karen, or Jessica, instead of James.
by deepsecrets June 21, 2010
When one alerts the police for ridiculously stupid reasons.
Girlfriend: "Sorry, I gotta get off the phone or my brother's gonna kill me.
In Boyfriend's mind: "I should call the police!"


Boyfriend's Buddy: "You shouldn't of called the cops, man! You were really pulling a Ben there."
by ZestyZack October 08, 2011