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A person that does not pull their weight during multiplayer gaming.

A person pulling an apple might give excuses like

1. I fell asleep.
2. Need to go to the bathroom.
3. Fixing a Sandwhich.
4. Shaving
5. Having a Seizure.

Do not fall for these.
Rand: Damn it Jim, you pulled an apple on us last night.

Jim: Sorry I was shaving and not pulling an apple.
#pulling a blind #abandoned #afk #away #goober
by MajinFro April 01, 2009
While playing a co-op or multiplayer game, a person disapears leaving his co-op partners to play the game without him.
He's not here yet again. He is pulling an apple.
#pulling a blind #abandoned #afk #away #goober
by MajinFro March 31, 2009
editing pre-existing products for re release to make a profit even though the changes are unnecessary and don't add to the performance or efficiency of the product/device.
"Hey did you see the new Samsung galaxy s3?" "yeah, i cant believe they made a 3rd phone. They are really pulling an apple."
#pulling #apple #profit #iphone #ipad
by AndrewTheBaconPlate October 06, 2012
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