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Pulling A Yoko Ono(Verb); The instance in which a Woman successfully breaks up your crew; The said female may be dating one of your homies, therefore distracting attention from your friends. A Yoko Ono can also be pulled by a simply good looking or persuasive female.

Origin: Yoko Ono, who was dating John Lennon, definitely broke up the Beatles, ending the greatest band of all time. Thus; This is dubbed, "Pulling a Yoko Ono".
Guy one: "Goddammit Steven! your stupid girlfriend broke up the crew!"

Guy two: "Yeah, that hoe pulled a fucking Yoko Ono on us!"

Guy three(Steven): "Guys, she was just too hot. I couldn't resist!"

Guys one and two proceed to kick the shit out of Steven and shun him from the crew forever because his girlfriend was Pulling A Yoko Ono.
by J.Killou July 04, 2009
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