when you will DO any guy that looks good.......or......smoke a lotta weed and come to school
bobby: man andrew you dont look so good
andrew: im supah high....
bobby: dang you are just pullin a jackie
andrew: im a slut
bobby: there you go again
by bobby bryce February 26, 2008
Top Definition
A. When an individual becomes so intoxicated that they are no longer in control of their bowels and shit all over their house.

B. When a female becomes so enraged with her significant other that she beats the living shit out of him. (Preferably in public or in company of others)
a. Yo, at that party last night that girl pulled a Jackie and it was dank!

b. That hoe was pullin' a Jackie on his ass right there in the food court!
by no-a January 13, 2009
To pussy out on taking a shot!
Hey, that girl is pullin' a jackie!!! Make her take that shot!
by fosser2 March 03, 2010
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