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To refuse to answer a question by offering an opinion or explanation, often incoherent, of an unrelated topic.
He asked me what caused the credit crisis but I pulled a Palin by explaining how trickle down economics helps the middle class vis-a-vis the paradigm shift in the Fed's new interest rates.
by jikooo October 18, 2008
completely ignoring one question and instead answering whatever the hell you want.
I asked Sarah why she lied to me, but she pulled a palin and explained she was a maverick with energy experience.
by Logan E October 18, 2008
To be considered for a job that you have no qualification for.
"Tommy totally pulled a Palin... he has never flipped a burger in his life, what is he doing working at McDonalds??"
by JonesyJones September 22, 2008
when somebody is being completely idiot, similar in a way to how someone would act if related to Sarah Palin
Person 1: 2+2 = 7!
Person 2: You just pulled a Palin.
by Field Playa November 09, 2010
to commit a righteous deed- putting the well being of something above money.i.e. stepping down from your job and costing your employer alot instead of just drawing a check
She really pulled a palin when she gave up her family's privacy to fight the political establishment.
by palin4prez2012 July 13, 2009
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