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Being the first (or only) one to take your shirt off amongst a group of people or friends. Even when the situation doesn't encourage or ask for it (or sometimes it does).

Past Tense: Pulled a Jake
Present Tense: Pull a Jake
Future Tense: Pulling a Jake
Scenario 1:
(Bunch of friends partying together, and a guy takes his shirt off)
Dude, that guy just "pulled a Jake"!!

Scenario 2:
(Friends playing soccer in hot weather with their shirts on, and one takes his shirt off in the middle of play)
Sorry guys. It's hot out here so I had to pull a Jake.

The ladies would think it's hot if you would "pull a Jake" and show off those muscles.

Bro, remember that time you "pulled a Jake" in sub-zero winter?
by The Machine 07 December 11, 2010
to fart while a girl is giving you head
dude when that chick comes over im going to pull a jake on her
by funkypeanut November 26, 2010
To pull a Jake is to backstab everyone and secure their false sense of power/leadership by creating lies and fantasy's about their selves and of others.
I think he is going to pull a Jake.
by madman587587 January 21, 2010
To "like" something on facebook that morally shouldn't be liked.

Also to cum super fast.
Did they really just pull a jake on my status?!
by cfunkk91 September 14, 2010
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