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To accidentally throw something over a railing.
Jenna: Catch this jello!

Meredith: Don't throw it to her, she'll just pull an Emma.
by Wotcha Rosay November 08, 2010
When someone you thought was your friend lets you down and becomes a bitch
Other friend: "I thought she invited you to the concert? Did she pull an emma?"
You: "She did but yea then she pulled an emma and told me she was taking someone else."
by anon98312 December 16, 2014
When you're with a guy (usually in a sexual situation) and you call him another guy's name, this is called pulling an Emma.
" name's Brad."
"...hahah oops, I pulled an Emma..."

Also can be used as: Pulling an Emma, pull an Emma, did an Emma, slipped an Emma
by Trufs February 16, 2009
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