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The act of making a quick restroom break to relieve bladder pressure, usually immediately prior to leaving for a group lunch.

Also see: Pull a big linton, Pull a full linton
Hey guys, I'm going to pull a linton real quick, I'll meet you in the parking structure.
by Crunky42 June 21, 2010

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v. Any 2-5 minute holdup when leaving for lunch, usually it is using the bathroom but it can be anything.
Steve: Lets go. Hey wait, where's Mike?
Anjali: He had to Pull a Linton.
Steve: What?!? I just saw him in the bathroom 15 minutes ago. Does he have an enlarged prostate?
Anjali: No, he's just hitting the ATM for 40 bucks.
Steve: OK, cool. He's probably tapped out from making it rain last night.
by ILuv5318008 June 30, 2010