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Performing a vicious act by deleting/destroying every valuable thing of a community/workplace/person, then running away hard and laughing in the process.

Usually, when a person "Pulls a Snipe", he has been angered by his superiors but remains cool in the process, then goes for the killing blow when the opportunity arises.
Person 1: "Damn, this bastard just pulled a snipe on me! He removed all the core files in my database, now everything is practically useless!"


the Snipe: "Hahahaha!"
Person 1: "Why are you laughing so much? Did you just Pull a Snipe?"
the Snipe: "I'm currently removing valuable content on an FTP server because those assholes didn't give me rights to access their filehub."
Person 1: "Gold."
by Elexar March 20, 2010
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