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Doing something incredibly stupid financially and then having other people pay for you

Mooching when you have the means to get it yourself

Spending all your money on a frivolous trip to get with a girl who has no interest in you
Person 1: Don't buy that dude, you won't have enough money for rent
Person 2: Yeah, yeah but I really like it
Person 1: dude, don't pull a Chris

person1 : hey can I bum some cigarettes?
Person 2: it's my last one but sure dude
person 1: thanks, I gotta go to the store quick, be right back.
*Person 1 comes back with his own pack*

Person 2: Way to pull a Chris, dude
by Duke Derpleheim October 11, 2013
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When you spill things
Chris will pull a Chris on Snuggie
by snuggie4u January 30, 2012

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