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The person in a group who is most likely to be the first to get sick or vomit

from drinking and/or partying.
A person that can't handle drinking much alcohol or doing large quantities of drugs and often

and easily gets nauseous and/or sick from doing so.

Not being able to keep up with your friends while out for some alcoholic beverages.
Dennis Rodman puts on a good front but the truth is he's actually the pukerupper of his crew.
Amy Winehouse is most certainly not a pukerupper she can handle her liquor like a champ.
That Andy Dick character has become the quicker pukerupper of his Hollywood clan since his

last stint in rehab for some reason.
I was the pukerupper last night at the bar, I just couldn't keep up with the big boys!
by Farshad Freddy Vancity March 24, 2010

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