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Someone who always pukes at any party they go to, often with little or no warning then when someone else has cleaned it up, they carry on drinking like nothing has happened
Dave: where's alex?
Me: who pukahontas, probably in the toilet puking again.
Dave: twat
by Purednbmc. September 06, 2008
Someone who does not know when to stop drinking despite being told
Example...if you're dumb, stupid, idiot, bored, need help, or named Ashley and you're a ginger...THIS is what a Pukahontas is.
by BS Magnet May 02, 2011
Pukahontas aka bush aka "skippy red gold and green"

1) a strange creature who lives in the english midlands. Usually found in the toilet. This yong man could be puking soon at a party near you....

2) anyone who pukes at every party they go to.
See also pukasoarus rex
"Where's pukahontas?"
"in the bathroom puking again"
by Purednbmc August 07, 2008
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