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An adjective to describe a person ,event or thing, REFERRING to the word pussy, meaning bitch, weak, or by any means lame


another word pussy, vagina
Statement: damn Frankie drank some Cherry Pucker and got hella drunk!
Response: that's puhh, i drank a whole handle of Captin Morgan to myself


Damn i need to get some puhh! Or just get the dick wet.
by connordie May 08, 2009
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A word that describes a situation in which the result is unacceptable to the person making the noise....

A word that can mean anything and everything, perfect for every and all situations. The JC of words.
DS: I'm going to kick you in the balls

DS: I beat people with sticks in the face
by Your Real Namem December 06, 2010
To be socially retarded, sweet at times, will break out in fits of weird faces and disturbing noises.
That boy was crunk as hell! Acting all puhh an shizit.
by jostuh October 01, 2006

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