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A posture characterized by clenched fists, slightly bent arms at the sides, eyes forward, scowl on face, and chest thrust out sometimes accompanied by strutting. Often assumed by guys when they’re either trying to impress a female or assert alpha male status. Can be seen frequently at bars, weight rooms, swimming pools, co-ed sports events, and other such places where there is likely to be a gathering of both males and females. Typically employed by jocks, frat boys, and various other assholes.
Oh no, here comes Jim. I hate seeing him when there are females around because he gets all puffy-chested and turns into a giant dick.

You ever noticed how when it's just guys lifting in here Bill is alright, but if there's girls in here he goes puffy-chest and tries to lift twice as much weight.

See how Joe just struts around the pool and never actually gets in? He's got puffy-chest.
by MastaRoe April 24, 2011
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