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An overweight woman with horrible eating habits and haggard hygiene. Often they can be spotted wearing large T-shirts with kittens on the front. They smell like old milk and have sweaty pit stains just from walking.

Pudge pusses can be found lurking in shitty casinos, buffets, or greasy trailer parks.
Morty: Man I am glad we made it to our 20 year high school reunion.

Reggie: I know. We can laugh at all the people that are totally fucked.

Morty: Did you see J.J. Martinson? His nose fell off from doing too much coke and Heather Z. is a total pudge puss from smoking Oxy's! She used to be hot but not anymore!

Reggie: I know, I wouldn't fuck her with your dick!
by Jrubadub August 01, 2010
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