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A very very cute and sexy girl who looks great in anything she does or wears.
That Erica across the hall is so cute, she is a real Puddin' Pops!
by J Brnz October 27, 2010
It is when someone is both sweet and cool.
Casey and Jess are awesome. They're real puddin' pops!
by Case and Jess July 03, 2009
The Shit Bill Cosby has been seling for 40 years of his career.
Just because Bill cosby has been selling puddin' pops for the last 40 years doesn't mean that he aint a nigga from philli and the ghetto and that he might say some real shit from time to time! --Dave chapelle: for what its worth
by dick jackson November 12, 2007
A sheepish, naive girl with no future prospects for intelligence.
Wow, I can't believe she said that, she's such a puddin' pop!
by hcracker April 30, 2003
a woman her performs oral sex on a man after he had sex with another woman. it can be calssified as a vanilla puddin pop if the sex was vaginal or chocolate if it was anal.
After he butt fucked me, she ate his choclate puddin pop.
by Bill Cosby March 02, 2005
puddin pop - noun - a male who is a total wimp and lacks the ability to do what is required of men.
Two friends in a conversation:

Alan: Alright, let's roll. It's almost midnight, bars close at 2.

Matt: Huh.... uh, I'm not really feelin it tonight man let's just chill here and smoke another bowl.

Alan: You are such a little puddin pop man. Now get it together already.
by Motron706 March 02, 2011
The sound heard when a penis "pops" out of a semen-filled anus.
"Jimmy, that was some puddin' pop you made last night."
by DiscoNinj4 July 09, 2006
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