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Puckerball is a sport which evolved in Cambodia in the late 1990's, although the exact date is not sure. Very similar to indoor soccer, puckerball is played with a small ball, which is, in fact, a sock or two, balled up, and wrapped in masking tape. The object is the same as in soccer, to score goals by shooting the ball into the other team's goal. As this is an indoor sport, you would think that there would be a major lack of room inside a house. However, almost all Cambodian houses are the same, with a huge living room as soon as you enter the front door. Usually, the goals don't need to be put out, but are already a part of the house. Most games are to 10 points, or 20 points, and some games are played according to timed periods.
Mother: Stop playing puckerball and come eat supper!
Kid 1: Hold on! We're about to win!
Kid 2: Yeah, cause you keep cheating!
by MrStealYourGirl January 28, 2011
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