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Fecal matter left, accidentally or with intention, un-flushed and floating in the toilet for another individual to discover.

Originated in Syracuse, New York.
Oh no, its a Pubu!!! Did Van leave the Pubu in the toilet this morning??
by The DanB Network April 04, 2011
PUBU is an acronym for the term 'Palms Up Butthole Up', coined by Sherdog's El Toucan and EarnPow, used in combat sports for when a participant is knocked unconscious, lands on his face, and the palms of his hands are open toward the lights.
Oh god, did you see Fedor vs Henderson???

You know it, broseph! Wicked ending!

Word. Fedor went PUBU there for a second.
by El Toucan July 16, 2012
The bootleg version of "Fubu." Found only in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
"Thats a hot Fubu shirt, oh wait it's Pubu, Nevermind."
by S-god . FH. March 31, 2005
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