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Public domain: enq. Public dom. – no owners – no copyright necessary – copyrighted work

will not go into public domain unless owner expressly dedicate to public

domain (wt. abt. C. works – not added to publ domain?)
Publ. dom. Incl. older works – precede copyright system, works once

copyrighted whose exclusive rights pers. Has run out.

Publ. dom. : also. Incl. factual materials such as 1. tel dirs. Described

above, 2. hist. facts, 3. scientific facts, 4. news

Unprotedted publ. dom. Works like Bible (careful with annotations and


(careful ind. Specific ph. Dic. – adds various co. data at each listing) Ph

book -> invited add info & listings)

c. p. music, software & video d.load wt. no copyright
by Hercolena Oliver June 27, 2010
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